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Acjachemen Elders and Tribal Members Plea to Save Panhe and San Onofre -- Video

View the testimonials by Acjachemen Elders and triblal members to save Panhe and San Onofre and stop the toll road that would devastate both.

The Juaneño or Acjachemem are from Southern California. The Juaneño lived in what is now part of Orange and San Diego Counties and received their Spanish name from the priests of the California mission chain due to their proximity to Mission San Juan Capistrano. Some call themselves the Juaneño Band of Mission Indians others the Acjachemem. The former Spanish settlement at Sajavit lies within that area occupied during the late Paleoindian period and continuing on into the present day by the Native American society commonly known as the Juaneño. The name denotes those people who were ministered by the padres at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Many contemporary Juaneño, who identify themselves as descendents of the indigenous society living in the local San Juan and San Mateo Creek drainage areas, have adopted the indigenous term Acjachemen. Their language was related to the Luiseño language spoken by the nearby Luiseño tribe. The language was extinct but is being revived by several tribal members learning the language (two are Darrel Johnston & Sonia Johnston), thanks to the research and records of Anastacia Majel and John P. Harrington who recorded the language back in 1933 (the tape recordings resurfaced around 1995).


"Sharing stories that enlighten encourage and empower others!"
Master Storyteller / Teacher / Singer / Director / Writer / Cultural Consultant

Jacque has made a successful career out of sharing her Acjachemen ancestor's story. She prides herself on preserving and passing her culture along through the oral Native American tradition of storytelling.

While attending college at USC, she traveled across the country competing on the National Collegiate Speech Circuit and American Forensic League. She received the Most Outstanding Speaker Award from USC for three years and numerous medals for superior accomplishments, including 1st Place Gold Medal National Speech Competition. After graduating from USC and Pacific Christian College she began to teach in elementary schools, where she enjoyed teaching for over 17 years.

Her storytelling career has become somewhat of a story in itself. She has shared her stories at Disneyland, Los Angeles and Anaheim Convention Centers, hundreds of schools, libraries, non-profit entities and also at several Southern California city events. She is one of the most requested Artists from the Orange Country Performing Arts Center.

Throughout her career she has received several esteemed awards, Lois Wright Memorial Award, Outstanding Service Award - Mayor Tom Bradley, Five Jewel Award for Outstanding Achievement, Outstanding Tribal Community Contribution Award and Most Outstanding Teacher Award.Jacque was also selected to be the First Director of the Veteran's Arts Festival and the Assistant Director of Marlton School of Deaf production of "Cats" performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

Jacque has also been given the opportunity to perform the National Anthem at both the unveiling of new United States Postal Stamps and the Angel's Stadium. She has performed her Journeys to the Past on Stage for large venues such as Disneyland, Kavli Performing Arts Center and Special Arts Festival.

While she continues storytelling at schools and large venues she recently taped and performed an original story on PBS Children's Television Show. While creating her original story for PBS she was inspired to create a new series of children's books.

Jacque resides in San Juan Capistrano, California with her husband Ed Nunez and their children.

For more information click here. www.journeystothepast.com PHONE: 949-248-2558 FAX: 949-443-2870 JOURNEYSTOTHEPAST@YAHOO.COM



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